Pre Primary

 Pre Primary (FOUNDATION , LKG, UKG)

Early Years is a time for curiosity, discovery, fun, play, and imagination. At the same time, The goal of Early Years education is to create lifelong learners with a positive attitude and disposition to learning. It is to enable children to connect to the world they live in and thus make learning a meaningful experience. 


We have adopted a progressive and forward thinking programe Mahattattva for our Pre primary. 

Mahattattva uses the Developmentally Appropriate Practice, which is an approach to teaching-learning based on the research on how young children develop and learn skills. Its framework is designed to promote maximum learning and development in young children. These initiatives are supported by quality educational practices which incorporate technology, life skills and innovation. This curriculum’s focus is more on the experience of the child and the processes used rather than on the end product. These years give primacy to children’s experiences, their voices, and their active participation. It’s aim is give them a sense of security, a freedom to explore and experiment without any anxiety or fear of failure. 

The curriculum is well researched to tap the multiple intelligences of the children. Varied activities to develop logical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, mathematical, spatial, and naturalistic skills are provided. 


The colourful classrooms are equipped with the latest child friendly equipment, play materials and educational toys (E-Blocks) a well equipped library. Use of the smart board and numerous audio-visual aids help children to learn through multimedia in a fun filled, interesting way. Music and Sports are also an integral part of the program. Celebrations of different Festivals takes place in the school premises to make the child learn and understand different values and cultures. 


Evaluation is informal. Track is kept of the childrens progress and a report card is issued at the end of each semester.

Care and love for every individual child is the bedrock of the program.

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