Clubs and Hobbies

Co curricular activities –

A range of activities grouped under “Hobbies and Clubs” are available which provide children with diverse learning opportunities. These activities help children to identify their interests, give them exposure to 21th century soft skills/professions and enable them to organize their spare time constructively.

Leading professionals and faculty have been employed to provide their expertise. 

“Hobbies and Clubs” are held during school hours at no extra cost. Hobbies are across levels where all children participate twice a week. Clubs provide a wide variety of options and each student is free to pick any one for a session. Clubs are conducted thrice a week.


Hobbies (Classes III to X)




Classical Dance


Clay Modelling






Western Dance




Yoga & Personality Development


Yoga & Personality Development




With a view to maintaining health and physical fitness, sports form an essential part of our programme. Children can choose from a wide variety of sports activities. Weekly house activities, Inter house Competitions and Inter School Tournaments are held regularly to promote a spirit of healthy competition.


An Annual sports day also gives children the opportunity to participate in a range of athletic activities. Over and above morning coaching classes are also offered to keen students in Basketball, Football and Cricket. We have also tied up with various organizations and sports complexes to provide the requisite facilities to our children.

The extensive facilities provided have enabled the children to excel. Many students represent the school at State and National levels and bring awards and trophies.

Classes III to V

Taekwondo, Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Cricket, Soft Ball


Classes VI to XII

Football, Basketball, Cricket, Soft Ball, Athletics, Boxing, Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Horseriding, Golf, Chess.


Other Clubs


Classes III to V

Mechano, Baking, Art/Craft, Singing, Dance, Drama, English Literary, Electronics.

(Classes VI – XII)

  • Cinema Club – Trains children in film making (Pre and Post production).
  • MUN (Mock United Nations) Club - Trains children in debating and researching on world issues for mock United Nations events held in India. 
  • Heritage Club - Has a tie up with INTACH for regular production of short films on topics of heritage interest.
  • Robotics Club - Consistently participates and wins in regional and national competitions. Children exercise their creativity and make innovative robotic models.
  • Photography Club – Complete knowledge and use of digital equipment with monthly exhibitions.
  • Mechanics Club - Children learn to assemble various mechanical gadgets and use mechanical devices such as lathes, drills etc.
  • Pottery Club - The only school in the region to have extensive facilities including numerous electric and manual wheels and a gas fired kiln.
  • English Literary Writing and Debate Club - Promotes creative writing and oratory skills.
  • English Theatre Club - Regular productions are held to help develop the childrens’ skills in acting, directing, costumes, research etc.
  • Classical Ballet Club – Children are trained in ballet and regularly perform at school events.
  • Semi Classical Music Club – Gives children exposure to various forms of Indian semi classical music.
  • Dance Club - Training provided in folk, contemporary and classical dance forms.
  • Baking Club - Promotes culinary skills and healthy eating.
  • Music Club – Children learn to use various musical instruments and the school rock band participates in various musical events.
  • Art/Craft Club - Hones the childrens’ skills and creativity. Annual exhibitions held.
  • Hindi and Punjabi Theatre Club - Regular productions are held to help develop the childrens’ skills in acting, directing, costumes, research etc.
  • Electronics Club – Children learn to use soldering and testing equipment to design and make various electronic gadgets.
  • Aeromodelling Club - Children learn to fly radio controlled planes. Extensive training is given on simulators. They participate and win in college level aeromodelling events.
  • Computer programming Club – Trains children in the fundamentals of software development.
  • Scrabble Club- Trains children in scrabble and enhances their vocabulary and thinking skills.
  • Stem Club- (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)  Creates a student-centred learning environment in which students investigate and engineer solutions to problems, and construct evidence-based explanations of real-world phenomena.




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