Enrichment Programmes

 We believe that the real objective of school education is preparation for life. To this end, the school has registered with numerous reputable organisations which help tap their inherent creative, intellectual, physical and leadership skills.

SCSO (Classes I to XII)

To inculcate in the children a sense of community, the school is associated with Saupins Community Service Organisation a voluntary body with the motto Reaching Out. Through this platform children are encouraged to engage in various social and environmental issues such as hygiene, sanitation and education of the under privileged.


Career counselling (Classes IX & X)

Career options have increased manifold in recent years. In order to empower children to make an informed decision and choose the right stream after class X, career counselling is conducted.

The program follows an integrated approach based on reliable psychometric assessments, personalized guidance and comprehensive information on careers and colleges.


Exchange Programme

Indo-China Youth Exchange Program

An integral part of education is to prepare students to become responsible world citizens. Accordingly, we encourage students and teachers to take part in national and international exchange programmes, trips and tours to widen their perspective and enrich the school community through dissemination of what they learn.

Trips and Tours

Tours and adventure trips are organised with a view to widen the children"s horizons, and give them an opportunity to explore new vistas.Children are frequently taken to places of educational interest, which helps to bring the curriculum alive and facilitate learning.


At Saupins, we have introduced a Family system, whereby the children of Classes III to X are divided into families. Every teacher is entrusted with a family and plays the role of a surrogate parent. In their fortnightly meetings, children can share their problems, concerns and are free to discuss any relevant issues with their family teacher. This system allows the children across levels to forge bonds and empathise with each other. The teacher acts as a mentor, friend and guide.

Resource room

A team of professional counsellors attend to behavioral and personal problems of students requiring intervention.

Children with learning difficulties, developmental delays and special children are identified. Regular classes are conducted for them and support provided through syllabus modification and parental counselling. 

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