Director Principal's Message

Mr. Amarbir Singh Sidhu
Director Principal


Education, like our society today is in a state of rapid flux. It needs to correct itself constantly so as to be able to fulfill societal aims. 

Today, society needs rational, thinking individuals who are well versed in problem solving, communication and other soft skills. For us at school, this means staying away from rote learning and teaching and inculcating communication and Higher order thinking skills.

In both our schools, we are at the forefront in the use of Digital Technology. Infact we are ahead of most schools even at the national level.

Having emphasized the need for keeping up with times for pedagogical methods, let us not forget the most important aspect of Education – i.e of transforming society itself and promoting a new order., We need to steer away our youth from today’s get  rich quick by any means mindset and inculcate a moral order that will promote success with honour.

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