Importance of Reading

Nursery to Class 2

Date: 29.10.2022

Dear Parent,

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 emphasizes the importance of reading to attain the goal of foundational literacy for all children by the year 2025.

Stories and reading are an important part of a child’s growth and development. Reading encourages children to build vocabulary, derive connections between stories and their own lives, and understand how different people think about different things. Children who read are able to think more, are able to express themselves more freely, and become independent learners.

Keeping the above in mind, the school is uploading an age appropriate book every week in the Google Classroom (GCR) .

You are advised to ensure that you get that book read by your ward.

Over and above this, children are given time to read books in class. The school has a well stocked library with graded books which is being used extensively.

Moreover, you can take initiative and join the storyweaver platform ( Create a login Id. You will have access to a large repository of openly licensed high-quality children’s literature via the Pratham Books Reading Programme, available for free in English and Hindi on StoryWeaver. The Reading Programme offers many beautifully illustrated multilingual age-appropriate storybooks that provide a rich reading experience to all children, cutting across geographic, economic, social and cultural divides. The books are organised grade-wise and thematically, and are accompanied by discussion ideas and activities.

You may also choose to purchase books from the market of your ward’s choice and build a house library. List of recommended books for different levels will be forwarded to you shortly.

Here's hoping for a successful reading mission.


Thank you

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