Regarding School Rules and Regulations

CIRCULAR No. SS/CHD/2022/74 

Date: 05.11.2022

Dear Parent


Please refer to the following point given under School Rules and Regulations under ‘Note for Parents’ on school website ‘’ with this link (


15.     The school uses modern technology for education which, starting at the entry

level i.e. Nursery will require access to the internet/computers/ smartphones/

tablets at home.


It may be noted that the NEP 2020 also clearly insists on


1.       e-learning through platforms such as DIKSHA, SWAYAM and      


2.       Blended and flipped classrooms.

3.       Online assessments and examinations.


Keeping the above in mind, please inform whether you have any of the following at home: (Please tick the option)

1.             Dedicated Internet Connection - Broadband 

2.            Desktop / Laptop / Tablet


Kindly sign and return to the class teacher by Thursday (10.11.2022)


Thank you



Surita Sharma



Name of the student_______________________ 

Admission Number____________




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