Urgent Regarding HFMD Notice 3

 CIRCULAR No. SS/CHD/2022/36                                        Date: 30.07.2022


Dear Parent

This is to inform you that one student from V C in addition to the previous one in Nursery B and UKG C, has been diagnosed with HFMD.

Consequently Class V C shall remain closed till Monday (01.08.2022) and when a final decision will be taken.

You are advised to stay alert, take necessary precautions and inform school in case your ward is diagnosed with HFMD (Guidelines for symtoms, precaution and prevention is being attached). 

Please feel reassured that the whole situation is under close/careful observation and is being monitored on a continuous basis.

Meanwhile the whole school and all the buses are being sanitized thoroughly everyday.

Thanking You

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!




Surita Sharma





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